October 3, 2017
More Streaming Trend Continues
by : webmaster
More Streaming Trend Continues

The NIELSEN MUSIC Q3 data, covering the nine-month period ending SEPTEMBER 28th, confirm that streaming is still on the rise while sales continues to drop. Weekly on-demand Audio streams surpassing 8.3 billion for the week ending SEPTEMBER 28th, the highest single week of audio streaming total in history. On-demand Audio streams have surpassed 287 billion streams so far in 2017, a 59.4% increase over the same time period in 2016. with Total Audio consumption (Albums + Track Equivalent Albums + Audio on-demand Streaming Equivalent Albums) up 10% over last year.

Overall on-demand streams (including video) have surpassed 442 billion streams this year, an increase of 40.4%. Total Music consumption (Albums + Track Equivalent Albums + On-Demand Streaming Equivalent Albums) is up by 11.1% vs. the same period last year.

Concurrently, music ownership continued to decline, with Album sales down 18.3%, Album sales + Track Equivalent Albums down -19.6%, Digital Album sales falling -19.5%), as well as Digital Track sales (-23.1%) and Physical Album sales (-17.3%). The lone exception: Vinyl Albums, which are up 3.1% for the year and now represent nearly 14% of all Physical Album purchases, which is an all-time high.

Radio continues to be the leading source for music discovery in the U.S, with 72% of Americans of online music streamers listening to some form of radio, according to NIELSEN’s 2017 MUSIC 360 REPORT. Additionally, 37% of music listeners say that one of the things they like most about listening to traditional radio are the DJs.